Outstanding Graduate Coodinator

Cristina Zambrano and Victoria Rodriguez

Cristina Zambrano receives her 2004 award
for Outstanding Graduate Coordinator from
Vice Provost and Graduate Dean Victoria Rodríguez

has served as Graduate Coordinator in the Department of English since 2001.  She works with over 160 students pursuing degrees in the Creative Writing and English Literature programs and is frequently cited for her organization, communication, and problem-solving skills, the personal attention she gives students, and her bright sense of humor.  Students and faculty alike appreciate her efficiency, diplomacy, and caring attitude.  The following description sums up not only the range of Cristina's responsibilities, but also the high esteem in which she is held in her department: "Cristina's office serves as therapy couch, repair shop, grandma's front porch, crisis center, arbiter's table, life-boat, coffee (and donut) shop, the place of last resort, and the only place where hopes more often than not come true."


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