Outstanding Graduate Coordinator


VIRGINIA HUESKE, Graduate Coordinator for over sixteen years for the graduate program in Advertising, has continually impressed her faculty members with her skill as an effective advocate for graduate students and graduate causes in her department.  "Accessible," "indispensable resource," "innovative," "problem solver," and "insightful" are some of the adjectives her nominators use to describe Virginia and her role in the administration of the graduate program.  However, perhaps her most valuable attribute is that she genuinely cares about each and every graduate student in the program, and the students know that.

Her devotion to duty and untiring work for her graduate program are hallmarks of her record, and yet she finds the time to serve on campus-wide committees as well.  She is an active member of the Graduate Coordinator Network, a committee of eleven or twelve coordinators representing all colleges and schools, and Graduate School administrators, which seeks ways to improve the graduate student experience at UT.  Her effectiveness as an administrator and communicator, in combination with her personal rapport with students, makes Virginia a valuable member of the University and Graduate School community.

Virginia received the award for Outstanding Graduate Coordinator for 2001.


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