Outstanding Graduate Coordinators

Year Award Winners Graduate Program
2013 Stephanie Crouch Pharmacy
2012 Marilyn Lehman History
2011 Chris Mazzucco Psychology
2010 Phillip Salazar Theatre and Dance
2009 Susan Corbin Communication Studies
2008 Evelyn Porter Sociology
2007 Jim Maxwell Curriculum and Instruction
2006 Philip Guerrero Geological Sciences
2005 Debbie Coleman Government
2005 Helen Kim Microbiology
2005 Kathleen Sowash Foreign Language Education
2004 Judy Clack Art Education, Design, and Studio Art
2004 Cristina Zambrano English
2003 Mary Kay Lutringer Theatre and Dance
2002 Kathleen F. Quade Marine Science
2002 Kathleen H. Ross Linguistics
2001 Vivian Goldman-Leffler Economics
2001 Virginia Hueske Advertising
2001 Barbara McKnight Chemistry and Biochemistry
2000 Elisabeth Barret French and Italian
2000 Jill Glenn Philosophy
2000 Christine Larson Psychology
1999 Rosemin Gopaul Architecture, Community & Regional Planning
1999 Norma Kotz Physics
1999 Barbara Zuckerman Government
1998 Kathleen Rose Civil Engineering, Environmental & Water Resources Engineering, and Architectural Engineering
1997 Dana Woolf Communication Sciences and Disorders
1996 Mary Helen Quinn History
1996 Pattie Rose Curriculum and Instruction


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