Outstanding Dissertation Award

Victoria Rodriguez and Seth Pettie
Seth Pettie is congratulated by Victoria Rodriguez at convocation

Seth Pettie receives his 2004 award for Outstanding Dissertation from Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Victoria Rodríguez

SETH PETTIE - Computer Sciences.  Dr. Pettie's dissertation, On the Shortest Path and Minimum Spanning Tree Problems, contributes new insights to the field of theoretical computer science.  His work in the area of graph algorithms and data structures presents new results for two of the most important and basic graph optimization problems on real-weighted sparse graphs:  minimum spanning tree and shortest path.  Dr. Pettie's work has wide practical applications in geographical information systems, including internet-based maps and vehicle navigation systems.  His work has been published in Theoretical Computer Science and the Journal of the ACMDissertation supervisor:  Vijaya Ramachandran.


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