Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award Winners


Awards for 2000

Award Winner Department Supervising Professor(s) Title of Dissertation Degree Date
Jeanne Helen McCarthy English Wayne A. Rebhorn and Leah S. Marcus The Children's Companies: Elizabethan Aesthetics and Jacobean Reactions (William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson) May, 2000
Gil Guastoni Rosenthal Zoology Michael J. Ryan The Behavioral Ecology of Visual Signaling in Swordtails May, 2000
Yukako Sunaoshi Linguistics Samuel Keith Walters and Masaaki Kotabe Collaboration on Reaching Understanding: Interactions and Negotiations in Japanese Manufacturing Plants in the United States May, 1999
Feng Zhang Pharmacy James W. McGinity Hot-melt Extrusion as a Novel Technology to Prepare Sustained-release Dosage Forms December, 1999


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