Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award Winners


Awards for 2001

Award Winner Department Supervising Professor(s) Title of Dissertation Degree Date
Joel Norman Dinerstein American Studies Shelley Fisher Fishkin Swinging the Machine: White Technology and Black Culture Between the World Wars August, 2000
Angela Caroline Gibney Mathematics Sean Keel Fibrations of Mg,n May, 2000
Sharon Zinah Herzka Marine Science Joan Holt Characterization of the Recruitment Patterns of Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) larvae to Estuarine Nursery Habitat Using Stable Isotopes as Natural Tracers of Settlement August, 2000
Joan Walton Williams Educational Psychology Deborah Tharinger Mayan Women: Survival, Transformation, and Hope. Living Through Times of Violence and Reparation (Guatemala) August, 2000


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