2011 Graduate School Student Awards


Pharmacy Doctoral Candidate Millidhashni Reddy Wins
$10,000 Granof Outstanding Graduate Student Award

AUSTIN, Texas—Millidhashni Reddy, a College of Pharmacy doctoral candidate at The University of Texas at Austin, has won the $10,000 Michael H. Granof Outstanding Graduate Student Award at the Graduate School/University Co-op Awards for Excellence in Graduate Education.

Millidhashni ReddyThe Excellence in Graduate Education Awards recognize and reward outstanding graduate students for distinguished scholarship, research, writing and teaching.

Reddy, a Fulbright scholar, is completing her dissertation, which assesses cost of care and health outcomes in patients with HIV and drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa. The topic grew from her clinical experiences in South Africa and England, and results could affect how these patients receive treatment in the future. She is working with the World Health Organization to create a model to analyze the global data they collect.

In 2009, Reddy received an Outstanding Commitment award from the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). With funding from the CGI and the Pat Tillman Foundation she built and stocked a library called “Peo’s Place” that brings literature, reference books, computers and continuing education to the KwaZulu Natal Midlands in South Africa.

Reddy plans to graduate in August 2011.

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Outstanding Dissertation Award

The Outstanding Dissertation Award recognizes exceptional work by doctoral students. Three awards of $4,000 each were presented to: Ian Ulysses Roederer, Astronomy; Reagan R. Wetherill, Psychology; and Naminata Diabate, Comparative Literature.

Ian Ulysses Roederer

Ian Ulysses Roederer, Astronomy
From Heavy Atoms to the Outer Galaxy: Characterizing the Chemistry of the Milky Way Halo.
Dissertation supervisor: Christopher Sneden.

Reagan R. Wetheril, Psychology – Clinical

Alcohol-induced Fragmentary Blackouts: Associated Memory Processes and Neural Corralates.
Dissertation supervisor: Richard Meier, Department of Linguistics, College of Liberal Arts.

Naminata Diabate

Naminata Diabate, Comparative Literature

Genital Power: Female Sexuality in African Literature and Film.
Dissertation supervisors: Lisa L. Moore and Neville W. Hoad.

Outstanding Thesis/Report Award

The Outstanding Thesis/Report Award recognizes exceptional work by a master's student. An award of $2,000 was presented to Emmanouil Chatzopoulos from Astronomy.

Emmanouil Chatzopoulos

Emmanouil Chatzopoulos, Astronomy
Discovery, Observations and Theory of Over Luminous Supernovae and Peculiar Transients.
Thesis supervisor: John Craig Wheeler.

Excellence in Graduate Research Award

The Award for Excellence in Graduate Research recognizes outstanding research that is substantially in progress. Three awards of $2,000 each were presented to: William Liechty, Chemical Engineering; Sharon Adams, Geography; and Rebecca Onion, American Studies.

Sharon W. Adams

Sharon W. Adams, Geography
Encountering El Tigre: Jaguars and People in the United States, 1800-2010.
Supervising professor: Leo Zonn.

William B. Liechty

William B. Liechty, Chemical Engineering

Nanoscale Hydrogels for Oral Delivery of Small Interfering RNA.
Supervising professor: Nicholas Peppas.

Rebecca Onion

Rebecca Onion, American Studies
Science, Technology, and the Culture of American Childhood, 1890-1970.
Supervising professors: Julia Mickenberg and Janet M. Davis.

William S. Livingston Outstanding Graduate Student Academic Employee Award

The William S. Livingston Outstanding Graduate Student Academic Employee Award recognizes an outstanding teaching assistant, assistant instructor and graduate research assistant. Three awards of $2,000 each were presented to Zeina Halabi, Middle Eastern Studies, for Outstanding Assistant Instructor; Ashley O’Connell, Section of Integrative Biology, for Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant; and Matthew Haley, Physics, for Outstanding Teaching Assistant.

Zeina G. Halabi

Zeina G. Halabi, Assistant Instructor, Middle Eastern Studies.
Supervising faculty member: Kristen Brustad.

Matthew Haley

Matthew Haley, Teaching Assistant, Physics.
Supervising faculty member: Charles B. Chiu.

Ashley L. O'Connell

Ashley L. O’Connell, Graduate Research Assistant, Section of Integrative Biology.
Supervising faculty member: Hans A. Hofmann.

The Graduate School and the University Co-op hosted the awards presentation on May 18 at The Four Seasons Hotel. The University Co-op provides the funding that makes these awards possible.

May 19, 2011
by Kathleen Mabley

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