2013 Graduate School Student Awards


Cell and Molecular Biology Doctoral Candidate Joshua Russell Wins
$6,000 Granof Outstanding Graduate Student Award

AUSTIN, Texas—Joshua Russell, a College of Natural Sciences doctoral candidate at The University of Texas at Austin, has won the $6,000 Michael H. Granof Outstanding Graduate Student Award at the Graduate School/University Co-op Awards for Excellence in Graduate Education.

Josh RussellThe Excellence in Graduate Education Awards recognize and reward outstanding graduate students for distinguished scholarship, research, writing, service and teaching.

Josh Russell, a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2010-2013), is completing his dissertation which main research is determining the neuromolecular basis for atmospheric humidity sensation in the roundworm C elegans. His research more completely explores ideas behind sensory perception in relation to molecules associated with moisture detection in comparison to those senses like sight, touch, and taste. From 2010 to 2012, Russell served as the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Assembly Representative. He works under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Pierce-Shimomura in the Section of Neurobiology.

Russell developed a Graduate Science Outreach student group, along with other graduate students at the Institute for Cell and Molecular Biology at UT Austin. The project, Present your Ph.D. Thesis to a 12 year-old, is a new outreach program in which the graduate students present a simplified version of their Ph.D. thesis in kindergarten through 12th grade classrooms. The outcome is a process for emerging scientists to relate their discoveries with K-12 students, while providing real-world examples that will complement science topics covered in a classroom.

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Outstanding Dissertation Award

The Outstanding Dissertation Award recognizes exceptional work by doctoral students. Three awards of $3,000 each were presented to: Nicholas Bacuez, French and Italian; Nicholas Myklebust, English; and Jack Poulson, Computational and Applied Mathematics.

Nicholas Bacuez

Nicholas Bacuez, French and Italian
Automated Pattern Recognition for Intonation (PRInt). An Essay on Intonational Phonology and Categorization.
Dissertation supervisor: Jean-Pierre Montreuil.

Nicholas Myklebust

Nicholas Myklebust, English

Misreading English Meter: 1400-1514.
Dissertation supervisor: Thomas Cable.

Jack Poulson

Jack Poulson, Computational and Applied Mathematics

Fast Parallel Solution of Heterogeneous 3D Time-harmonic Wave Equations.
Dissertation supervisor: Lexing Ying.

Outstanding Thesis/Report Award

The Outstanding Thesis/Report Award recognizes exceptional work by a master's students. An award of $2,000 was presented to Russell Bush, Radio-Television-Film; and, Mark Coddington, Journalism.

Russell Bush

Russell Bush, Radio-Television-Film
Vultures of Tibet: Lessons in Clandestine Filmmaking.
Thesis supervisor: Paul J. Raval.

Mark Coddington

Mark Coddington, Journalism

A Collaborative Challenger: Using WikiLeaks to Map the Journalistic.
Supervising professor: Stephen Reese.

Excellence in Graduate Research Award

The Award for Excellence in Graduate Research recognizes outstanding research that is substantially in progress. Three awards of $2,000 each were presented to: Meghan Andrews, English; Rodney Kincaid, Cell and Molecular Biology; and David Scheinfeld, Educational Psychology.

Meghan Andrews

Meghan Andrews, English
Shakespeare's Networks.
Supervising professor: Douglas Bruster.

Rodney Kincaid

Rodney Kincaid, Cell and Molecular Biology

Identification and Characterization of Novel Viral Genes Contributing to Tumorigenesis and Immune Evasion.
Supervising professor: Christopher Sullivan.

David Scheinfeld

David Scheinfeld, Educational Psychology
From Battlegrounds to the Backcountry: Boots Back on the Ground The Relationship Between Masculine Norms and Mental Health Outcomes for Male Veterans Attending an Outward Bound Course.
Supervising professor: Aaron Rochlen.

William S. Livingston Outstanding Graduate Student Academic Employee Award

The William S. Livingston Outstanding Graduate Student Academic Employee Award recognizes an outstanding teaching assistant, assistant instructor and graduate research assistant. Three awards of $1,500 each were presented to Abiola Oladapo, Pharmacy, for Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant; Farya Phillips, Social Work, for Outstanding Teaching Assistant; and Carolyn Yaschur, Journalism, for Outstanding Assistant Instructor.

Abiola Oladapo

Abiola Oladapo, Graduate Research Assistant, Pharmacy.
Supervising faculty member: Jamie Barner and Marv Shepherd.

Farya Phillips

Farya Phillips, Teaching Assistant, Social Work.
Supervising faculty members: Barbara Jones and Mary Velasquez.

Carolyn Yaschur

Carolyn Yaschur, Assistant Instructor, Journalism.
Supervising faculty member: Renita Coleman.

The Graduate School and the University Co-op hosted the awards presentation on April 17, 2013 at The Four Seasons Hotel. The University Co-op provides the funding that makes these awards possible.

April 18, 2013

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