Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award


The Graduate School is pleased to announce the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award to recognize the distinguished teaching of one of our graduate faculty members.

One award will be presented in 2016. The award will be presented at the Graduate School/ University Co-op Awards ceremony in the spring. The University Co-op very generously underwrites the prizes for this award and all of the other Graduate School awards each year.

Suggested Criteria for Nomination

One award is given annually to recognize the distinguished teaching of a graduate faculty member.  Nominations are limited to one per graduate program. Past recipients of the award are eligible for nomination if five or more years have elapsed since they received the award.

To assist in identifying award nominees, the following list of criteria is suggested:

  • The nominee's record of excellence in the classroom and laboratory as evidenced by course-instructor survey evaluations and letters of recommendation from students and colleagues
  • The nominee's distinctive contribution in mentoring graduate students and helping them achieve their goals in academic or professional careers
  • The nominee's record of supervising and serving on students' thesis, report, recital, and dissertation committees

We look forward to receiving your nominations and to recognizing the outstanding teaching of one of our faculty members.


Nominations must be submitted online using the Graduate School's online awards system. Nominations must be initiated by academic deans, department chairs, program directors, or graduate advisers. You will need the following items available to complete the online application.

  • A cover letter from the academic dean, department chair, program director or graduate adviser briefly describing why this individual is being nominated
  • Up to three letters of support: one from a current student of the nominee, one from a former student, and one from a colleague. (Letters of support should point out the special character of the nominee’s teaching—both in organized classes and in the supervision of theses, reports, recitals, dissertations, and treatises, as applicable. The selection committee will be interested in the distinctive contribution that each nominee has made toward helping graduate students achieve their goals in academic or professional careers.)
  • Summary sheet listing graduate courses (including enrollments) taught in the last three years and overall averages of course-instructor survey evaluations
  • Course syllabi from graduate courses taught in the last three years
  • List of master's theses/reports/recitals or doctoral dissertations/treatises supervised by the nominee. Include a summary showing the number of students supervised and graduated and job placement information, if available.
  • List of thesis/report/recital or dissertation/treatise committees on which the nominee has served. Include a summary showing the number of students. (This information is available to authorized users here or via the mainframe application, GSADM, using the GS70 report function.
  • Nominee's vita
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Submit Nominations

Nomniations Open: NOV. 2, 2015 Deadline: JAN. 22, 2016

Nominations and supporting documents may be submitted via the online awards system.

Danielle Thoma, Program Coordinator


Joshua Gunn receives 2015 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award. Read more >>

Previous teaching award winners

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