Outstanding Master's Thesis/Report

Victoria Rodriguez, Jean Parcher and Kelley Crews-Meyer
Jean Parcher is recognized at convocation by Victoria Rodriguez

At left, Jean Parcher receives her 2004 award for Outstanding Thesis from Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Victoria Rodríguez and her thesis supervisor, Kelley Crews-Meyer. At right, Ms. Parcher receives recognition at convocation from Victoria Rodríguez.

JEAN W. PARCHER - Geography.  Ms. Parcher's thesis, Remote Sensing Methods for Estimating Impervious Cover for Hydrologic Modeling Applications:  A Case Study of the Brownsville/Matamoros Urban Area, compares the urban landscape of the bi-national sister cities, Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Mexico, and addresses the compelling issues of water quantity and quality in this border region.  Her research shows that impervious ground cover estimates derived from aerial photographs and satellite data must be calibrated separately for cities in developing and developed countries to ensure the most appropriate environmental assessment, resource planning, and infrastructure planning.  Ms. Parcher's work is currently being reviewed by the US Geological Survey for regional and national implementation.  Thesis supervisor:  Kelley A. Crews-Meyer.


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