The Graduate School: How We Can Help


Throughout your graduate studies, you will spend the majority of your time in your home department, where you will find the faculty and related resources and services that are integral to your academic program. While your department will provide much of what you need while a student here, the Graduate School also plays an important role in your time at The University of Texas.

We look forward to assisting you by providing access to the broader graduate community, lending valuable support to enhance your overall graduate experience and helping you successfully complete your program.  In addition to granting your degree at convocation and administering the rules and regulations of the university that govern compliance and degree completion, the Graduate School provides Student Academic Services, administers university-wide fellowships and works to promote graduate education at the university and beyond.

The Graduate School interacts with each graduate program on your behalf through graduate advisers, coordinators and the Graduate Studies Committee. The roles of these important department contacts are:

Graduate Advisers are faculty members who have been appointed by the department or program to advise current students about issues related to their degree program.

Graduate Coordinators are staff members who play a crucial role in the facilitation of a graduate program. They may be the most important first contact you make in the department.

Each academic area that offers a graduate degree has a Graduate Studies Committee which recommends students for admission to the program, sets program-specific requirements for the graduate degrees in that area, and recommends students for admission to candidacy for degrees.

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