Compliance Training for Graduate Student Employees


October 12, 2005

TO:                 Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, Graduate Advisers

FROM:           Provost Sheldon Ekland-Olson
                      Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Victoria Rodríguez


We are writing to advise you of a new compliance-training requirement that will affect graduate students appointed to any of the several graduate student academic titles (i.e., assistant instructor, teaching assistant, graduate research assistant, academic assistant, assistant, and tutor).

Graduate student employees are essential members of the university community who are assigned duties in the classroom and the laboratory as part of their educational experience.  In these capacities they work closely with other students and staff and, at times, even find themselves in supervisory positions -- especially over undergraduate students.  Like other university employees, graduate students assigned these roles are required to be aware of, and in compliance with, state law and university policy on equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment.  The University has developed two on-line modules, CW121 and CW123, to convey university policy and expectations in these areas, including how employees should behave and what one can do should they feel they have been subjected to discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace. The modules are relatively short and completion should take no more than thirty (30) minutes for both.

Beginning November 1, 2005, all graduate student employees will be expected to take these two modules as soon as possible. All graduate student employees whose initial appointment is effective January 16, 2005, or thereafter, will be expected to complete the training within thirty (30) days of their initial appointment.  The university will initiate monitoring for compliance of these modules in the Spring 2006 semester, and the Equal Opportunity Office (EOS) office will send reminders to students who have not taken the training.

On November 1, EOS will also be sending an electronic notification to all graduate students employed in the above student academic titles, informing them of the new requirement.  Students receiving this notification will be advised that they can take the training either on-line or by hard copy.  The on-line versions of training modules CW121 and CW123 are available through the Web at the following URL:  Graduate student academic employees who prefer to take the training by an alternative method should be directed by their supervisors to check with the Institutional Compliance Training Coordinator's office at 232-7842, which will either email the modules or provide a hard copy version for the student to complete.

Further Information on Compliance Training


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