Appointment of Students


April 25, 1997

To:           Deans, Chairs, Directors and Graduate Advisers

From:      Robert M. Berdahl, President

Subject:  Appointment of Students

Effective with the start of fall 1997 semester some important changes will be made regarding the appointment of students and their eligibility for Resident Tuition Entitlement by Reason of Student's Own Employment. As you know, students employed in certain positions related to their degree programs are permitted to pay tuition at the rate established for Texas residents (Chapter 54 of the Texas Education Code). Beginning September 1, 1997, only students appointed to positions requiring student status (see attached list) will be eligible to be certified as satisfying the requirements for Resident Tuition Entitlement by Reason of Student's Own Employment.

The motivation for change is to be able to distinguish between students who are appointed by the University in connection with their academic programs ("student" titles) and employees of the University who are also taking classes ("classified" titles). The faculty, through the Graduate Assembly, establishes the requirements for appointment to and continuation in student titles. These requirements are associated with their performance in their academic programs and satisfactory progress toward their degrees. On the other hand, OHR establishes the requirements for appointment to classified titles. These requirements are not connected with the employee's performance in an academic program.

There will be no change in the procedures for appointing students to titles that require student status. Individuals seeking certification to pay resident tuition will continue to complete and submit the appropriate request form.

There is also no change in the opportunities for classified employees of the University to take courses.

After September 1, 1997 students appointed to all classified titles not requiring student status, such as Research Scientist/Engineer Assistant or Social Science/Humanities Research Associate, will not be eligible for certification to pay resident tuition by reason of employment. Principal Investigators who want to make such appointments must post the position with the Office of Human Resources and follow the normal recruiting procedures used to fill classified positions. Students who seek such employment must apply through OHR and be hired through the usual procedures for appointing classified employees.

These are important changes that will have a significant impact on student appointments. You should plan now to institute whatever changes are necessary in your appointment procedures.


Students appointed to the following payroll titles:

  • Assistant Instructor
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant NSC
  • Teaching Assistant-Supplemental Instruction
  • Tutor
  • Academic Assistant
  • Assistant
  • Extension Instructor (AI)
  • Graduate Research Assistant
  • Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Laboratory Research Assistant I-II

Teachers or professors appointed to the following payroll titles:

  • Professor
  • Chair
  • Professorship
  • Visiting Professor
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Clinical Professor
  • Professor of Clinical Nursing
  • Associate Professor
  • Visiting Associate Professor
  • Clinical Associate Professor
  • Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing
  • Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor of Clinical Nursing
  • Instructor
  • Instructor in Clinical Nursing
  • Clinical Instructor
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Lecturer
  • Specialist


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