Tax Considerations for Graduate Students


Graduate student employees (Assistant Instructors or Teaching Assistants) receive the Tuition Reduction Benefit as part of their compensation.  For Graduate Research Assistants, the Tuition Reduction Benefit can be up to the full resident tuition bill depending on grant funds available.

As you prepare to submit your income taxes, make note that Tuition Reduction Benefits are tax-exempt. 100% of the benefit is applied to the tuition bill. No payments are made to students.

Need Tax Assistance?

Community Tax Centers are a program of Foundation Communities, a nonprofit organization that empowers low-income individuals and families (including students) with the tools they need to succeed.

The criteria for clients of the Community Tax Centers is that total household income does not exceed $50,000 with dependents or $25,000 if filing as an individual. Students need to bring their W-2 forms, Social Security Card (if applicable), drivers license/ID, and their tuition and financial aid information (1098T or  1098 official forms). Locate a community tax center near you.

The Austin Public Library also offers assistance with taxes on a first-come, first served basis.

Tax Help for International Students

International Students can get help with taxes at the International Office

Tax Seminar for Graduate Students

Graduate Students can download the presentation material of Graduate Tax Seminar on Mar. 3, 2015


IRS information on taxes related to Scholarship and Fellowship Grants

IRS information on taxes related to Tax Benefits For Education

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