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Figures, Graphics, and PostScript

Graphics and Colour with LaTeX
Patrick W. Daly
4 June 1998

Online Tutorial
PDF   157 kilobytes
PostScript   338 kilobytes

Using Imported Graphics in LaTeX2e
Keith Reckdahl
Version 2.0, 15 Dec 97

PostScript   749 kilobytes
PDF   1.5 megabytes

How to include PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript Files into LaTeX  (PostScript - 588 kilobytes)
Version 5 September 1994

Figure'ing [sic] and Picture'ing [sic] LaTeX  (PostScript - 410 kilobytes)
Anil Goel
1993, 1994

Using encapsulated postscript graphics  (PostScript - 168 kilobytes)
Richard Kaye
12 August 1998

Packages in the 'graphics' bundle  (PostScript - 87 kilobytes)
D. P. Carlisle
29 October 1996
This document serves as a user-manual for the packages color, graphics, and graphix.

Latex Maths and Graphics  (PostScript - 559 kilobytes)
Tim Love
4 September 1994
This handout assumes that you have already read the Advanced LaTeX handout, so if you're unsure about 'environments', read no further. AMSTeX isn't yet covered. LaTeX produces maths text well, but graphics support is less good. [Though for a more recent perspective, see D. P. Carlisle's, "Packages in the 'graphics' bundle," above.] Fortunately, there's a graphics editor called xfig, whose output can be used in a LaTeX file.

Symbol Definitions in LaTeX

PostScript   213 kilobytes
LaTeX source file   17 kilobytes
TeX for Pictures [03-Oct-1990]  (text - 8.3 kilobytes)
Collected information on support for combining pictures with material typeset by TeX, LaTeX, et al.

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