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Mathematics and AMS

Essential Mathematical LaTeX  (PostScript - 128 kilobytes)
Jon Warbrick
Version 0.02, September, 1989.
This document is a supplement to "Essential LaTeX" [Listed on the Resources page], describing mathematical typesetting LaTeX. It makes no attempt at completeness, so if in doubt read the manual.

Short Math Guide for LaTeX  (PDF - 391 kilobytes)
Michael Downes, American Mathematical Society
Version 1.07 19 July 2000
A concise summary of recommended features in LaTeX and a couple of extension packages for writing math formulas. Readers needing greater depth of detail are referred to the sources listed in the bibliography.

AMS-LaTeX Version 1.2 User's Guide  (PostScript - 353 kilobytes)
American Mathematical Society
January, 1995.
The name AMS-LaTeX is used for convenience to describe a set of loosely related files that are distributed together by the American Mathematical Society. Basically they may be described as miscellaneous enhancements to LaTeX for superior information structure of mathematical documents and superior printed output.

User's Guide for the amsmath Package (Version 2.0)  (PDF - 398 kilobytes)
American Mathematical Society
13 December, 1999.
The amsmath package is a LaTeX package that provides miscellaneous enhancements for improving the information structure and printed output of documents that contain mathematical formulas.

Using LaTeX and AMS-LaTeX  (PostScript - 212 kilobytes)
Miguel A. Lerma
29 Oct 1997.
The first part of the document addresses the use of standard LaTeX2e. The second part is dedicated to some specific features of AMS-LaTeX. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with TeX.

The bm package.  (PostScript - 207 kilobytes)
David Carlisle with support by Frank Mittelbach
14 Apr 97.
This package defines commands to access bold math symbols. The basic command is \bm which may be used to make the math expression in its argument by typeset using bold fonts.

AMS-TeX Reference Card (letter size).  (PDF - 87 kilobytes)
J. H. Silverman, Math. Dept., Brown University

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