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UT Dissertation/Thesis Packages

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information has not been updated since 2002.  Contact the Graduate School or view the Graduate School Web site to obtain information on any current formatting requirements.


The new UT dissertation style file package, utdiss2, Version 05

In gzipped tar format.

In zip format for Macintosh and Windows PC users.

This style file OFFICIALLY MEETS all of the requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies instructions dated March, 2001 (doctoral) and May, 2001 (masters). It produces acceptable PDF files for doctoral dissertations as well as acceptable printouts for master's theses and reports. It has comprehensive examples and instructions and produces a complete "fake" dissertation, thesis, or report to show what the finished product looks like. (Be sure to read the important note above.)

Frequently Requested Style Files:
In case your LaTeX installation is missing any external LaTeX packages needed to compile utdiss2 look on CTAN (listed on the LaTeX Links page).

PDF output notes

How to get nice looking PDF files from LaTeX and DVIPS.
Travis Metcalf's page on how to get PDF files that look good on your monitor as well as your printer.

NOTE: If your installation of LaTeX is recent enough, you can use the following command to generate a PDF file with good looking screen fonts in addition to good looking printing fonts:

dvips -Ppdf -t letter dissfile -o
ps2pdf dissfile.ps dissfile.pdf

The version of dvips with Red Hat Linux 7.2 (tetex-dvips-1.0.7-38.2) is recent enough, but the version with RHL 7.1 (tetex-dvips-1.0.7-15) appears to not be.

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