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Articles and Papers

"Publishing Dissertations at the University of Michigan in XML: A Report of a Study," Matt Stoeffler, Digital Library Production Service, University of Michigan, October 5, 1999

Workshop on an international project of electronic dissemination of thesis and dissertations, UNESCO, Paris, September 27-28, 1999.

"Is History going to be on my side? On the experience of writing and submitting a hypermedia Ph.D. thesis," Cornelius Holtorf, Internet Archaeology, Issue 6, Spring/Summer 1999

"The Electronic Dissertation: A less radical approach," Andre Costopoulos, Internet Archaeology, Issue 6, Spring/Summer 1999

"Electronic Theses and Dissertations in the Humanities," Matt Kirschenbaum

"Paper-Bound Thesis Dusted Off, Digitally," Pamela Mendels, New York Times, September 5, 1998

"Submission, Examination and Storage of On-line Projects at RMIT," Simon Pockley, The Flight of Ducks, May 29, 1998

New: "Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Digitizing Scholarship for Its Own Sake," Christian R. Weisser and Janice R. Walker, Journal of Electronic Publishing, December, 1997 Volume 3, Issue 2

"Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Problems and Possibilities," Christian Weisser, John Baker, Janice R. Walker, CMC Magazine, November 1997


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