Creating Links in PDF files


If you need to submit your dissertation as several separate PDF files (e.g., you have multimedia files in your dissertation), you will want to link them together so users can navigate among them. Because neither the General Libraries nor any dissertation publisher will actively monitor the content of your electronic dissertation, you are discouraged from using the feature described here to make external links within your dissertation. The link function should be used only to provide navigation within the set of files that comprise your dissertation.

  1. Open "etd.pdf" in Adobe Acrobat Exchange.
  2. Select Link from within the Tools menu.


  3. The mouse pointer will now appear as a large plus sign. Use it to highlight a word or phrase.


  4. A Create Link popup box will appear on your screen. Within the Appearance section determine how you wish the link to display within your PDF file. Within the Action section select Open File from the dropdown menu. Doing so will make a Select File button appear. Use this button to select which file with which you wish to link.



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