How to Apply for FRAs and SRAs


Faculty will use the Graduate School Online Awards System in UT Direct to apply for FRAs and SRAs - no hard copies are involved. The online system is designed to make the nomination, review and award processes much more streamlined. During the application process, you will be asked to answer a series of short questions about the title and nature of your project. You should also have your IRB number (if needed), the email address of your reference letter writer (if one is required), and be prepared to upload two to four supporting documents:

  • a three-page CV (a fourth page may be used for an optional bibliography);
  • a three-page project description, including the summary;
  • a letter of invitation from the host institution if your research location is off-campus (optional);
  • a report on previous FRA/SRA support during the past 10 years (if applicable).

FRA and SRA Deadlines

Applicant submits online application Application period: September 14, 2015 to October 14, 2015
Reference letter due Varies by college
Results announced TBA


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