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The Faculty Development Program is part of the organized research program of The University of Texas at Austin. It provides semester-length leaves for tenured faculty members, and partial summer leaves for tenure-track assistant professors. Funds for the Faculty Development Program are appropriated by The University of Texas Board of Regents and are administered in the Office of the Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies.

In the past, FRAs and SRAs have been separate competitions, with the review and award decisions coming from three faculty panels representing different cross-sections of campus. As part of an effort of the Graduate School to better align Graduate School resources with the priorities of the colleges and schools, the Graduate School will follow the directives of the Deans of each College or School on the award decisions, and there will be more flexibility at the college level on how funds are distributed between FRAs and SRAs. Thus there are now college-specific FRA/SRA competitions, with each college setting up a committee or process for making the decisions on who receives awards for their college or school.

Reviewers should find the following tutorial useful to become familiar with using the online award review system to score applications.

FDP Reviewer Tutorial

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Reviewer's Tutorial (pdf) Contact the Program

Marvin Hackert, Director

Lisa Jaskolka, Coordinator

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Faculty Development Program
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