Samples of Successful SRA Proposals


The following documents are in pdf format.

Terrence Chapman - Winning Legitimacy:  External Authorization as a Domestic Political Resource

Catherine Riegle-Crumb - The Spectrum of Racial Inequality in High School: Levels of Course-taking and School Segregation

Jennifer Gates-Foster - The Archaeological Ceramics of the Vorotan Valley, Armenia

Gary Geisler - Understanding the Information Seeking Behavior of Intended Users of a Film Digital Library

Lars Hinrichs - Jamaican Creole in the diaspora: Linguistic variation among Caribbeans in North America

Stuart Kelban - "Casa de Carton":  A feature-length narrative screenplay set in the colonias and maquiladoras of the Northern Mexico border

Michael Mackert - Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising:  Health Literacy Issues in Campaign Design

Jennifer Miller - Using Artificial Data to Explore the Effects of Spatial Structure, Sampling Strategy, and Spatial Statistical Methods on Species Distribution Models

Karl Miller - Who Owns Music?  Historical Perspectives

Jennifer Morgan - Spinal cord regeneration:  Physiological mechanisms underlying the restoration of synapse function

Alison Preston - fMRI of Human Hippocampal Subfield Contributions to Declarative Memory

Kimberly Raab-Graham - Identification of Locally Translated mRNAs Regulated by mTOR Activity

Mary Rose - Real Jurors' Judgments of Credibility

Katherine Willets - Understanding the physical origin of photobleaching in single-molecule fluorescent dyes

(Name withheld) - Developing Tools for Simulating Structural Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Structures Subjected to Extreme Loading


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