College of Natural Sciences - Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


The department offers various fellowships to entering graduate students. Sponsors include BASF, Dow Chemical, Exxon, and Lochte. These are awarded in conjunction with students' admission to the Chemistry and Biochemistry graduate program. In addition, the following fellowships are available to entering and continuing students.

Gilbert H. Ayers Fellowship in Chemistry to students concentrating in analytical chemistry.

Dorothy A. Banks Fellowship

Robert E. Eakin Endowed Centennial Scholarship to continuing biochemistry students, based on accomplishments since entering graduate program (i.e., research, publications, etc.).

R. A. and Peggy Lewis Graduate Fellowship in Biochemistry

F. A. Matsen Endowed Presidential Fellowship in Theoretical Chemistry

Leon O. Morgan Graduate Fellowship

Joanne M. Ravel Regents Endowed Fellowship providing a summer stipend to continuing biochemistry students.

Royston M. Roberts Fellowship

Charles Morton Share Graduate Fellowship for graduate students from Oklahoma.

Stanley H. and Kathleen F. Simonsen Fellowship in Chemistry

Robert A. Welch Fellowship in Chemistry

Chemistry Faculty Regents Scholarship and Fellowship Fund

Friends of Chemistry Regents Scholarship and Fellowship Fund

The department also administers several teaching and academic excellence awards, and graduate students are eligible to apply for travel grants.

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