General Regulations & Information for Fellowship Recipients (updated 03/21/13)


General Information

University fellows must maintain a 3.0 grade point average and make satisfactory progress towards the degree. Specific conditions for making satisfactory progress can be obtained from the graduate adviser for the program.

Registration Requirements

Students are selected for Graduate School fellowships on the basis of merit and are expected to be “full-time” graduate students.  Graduate fellows must register for a minimum of nine credit hours each long semester (i.e. each fall and spring semester),  and three hours each summer. Course work not completed in a given session (fall, spring, or summer) must be made up in time to get a grade change form processed before the end of the following long semester. Any such makeup is in addition to the course load requirement given above.

Tuition and Fees

See your award letter for details on how tuition and fees will be handled.

Insurance and Other Benefits

The Graduate School urges all students to maintain health insurance coverage. A University Fellowship does not qualify the recipient automatically for university employee health insurance. A Graduate School fellowship may include an additional payment equal to the cost of student medical insurance through The University of Texas student health plan. However, fellows have several options for meeting their health insurance needs. Information on these options can be found on our page on health services.

Federal and State Income Tax

University Fellowship stipends are subject to federal income tax, but there is no state income tax in Texas.  Since The University of Texas will not withhold federal income tax from fellowship stipends, fellows must make estimated tax payments.  If a fellow serves as a Teaching or Research Assistant, however, the fellow is an employee, and federal income tax will be withheld from the salary check, though not from the fellowship check.  If you are a foreign student and your country does not have a tax treaty with the United States, 14% for Federal income tax will be withheld from your fellowship stipend checks.

Social Security Number

If a student doesn’t have a valid taxpayer number (SSN or ITIN) on file with student records, they will be required to either take the SSN card to the registrar’s office or self-report their tax number in UT Direct.

Government Loans

f a student receives a fellowship or funding from another source, their financial need will decrease, and the amounts they are eligible for in other forms of financial aid (loans) may have to be adjusted.  Students who receive a fellowship should contact the Student Financial Aid office to determine how this other resource may affect their financial aid award.

Supplemental Support

It is the intent that our major Graduate School Fellowships are sufficiently attractive that they can serve as the sole source of university financial support while they are on the fellowship.  However, we recognize that Graduate Fellows may have opportunities for additional support during the period covered by their fellowship. This could be in the form of a successful award of another prestigious outside fellowship (e.g. NSF, Fulbright, etc.), or the offer of a Teaching Assistantship to fulfill a degree requirement to TA or meet a departmental need for TAs. While there is nothing to prohibit a student from holding a second award, in such situations we recommend that the student work with our office to defer part or all of their Graduate Fellowship while they serve as a TA or are funded by an external award. Students who hold half-time Teaching Assistantships are permitted to pay resident tuition and entitled to a tuition assistance benefit (TAB).  The TAB will be applied to the tuition bill first and the remainder covered by the fellowship award.

Possibility of Continuing Support

Opportunities exist for support following the period covered by this fellowship.  Typically such support might consist of another competitively awarded University Fellowship, a Teaching Assistantship, or a Research Assistantship, depending on specific circumstances.  All graduate students are informed about these awards.  Students who hold half-time teaching or research assistantships are permitted to pay resident tuition.

Change of Major

University Fellows are expected to enroll and continue in the graduate program in which they have been nominated.  They must obtain permission in advance for a change of major while they hold the fellowship.  This permission must be obtained from Associate Dean Marvin Hackert in the Graduate School.

Transfer to Another Institution

If a fellow elects to transfer to another institution then the offer of fellowship support made by The University of Texas at Austin no longer applies, and the fellow should consult the Graduate School to determine the nature and duration of the remaining support to be provided by The University of Texas at Austin.

Field Work or Study at Another Institution

University Fellows are required to remain in residence at The University of Texas at Austin during the tenure of their awards, unless the Graduate School has explicitly authorized them to do research or other work elsewhere.  The form “A Petition to be Away From Campus” may be obtained in the Graduate School, Main Building 101.

Change of Status

University Fellows and Teaching or Research Assistants must notify the Graduate School promptly of any change in name, address, or plans that affect the continuation of the award.


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