Fellowships Administered by the Graduate School


The Graduate School Fellowship programs underwent several major changes for 2012. Most importantly a majority of fellowships from the Graduate School's local funds used to support most graduate student fellowships will now have decentralized award decisions.

The following fellowship programs will continue to be administered centrally by the Graduate School:

Recruitment Fellowships for Incoming Students

Diversity Fellowships for Incoming Students

Fellowship Support for Current Students

Graduate Dean's Prestigious Fellowship Supplement

Outside fellowships administered by the Graduate School

Decentralized Award Decisions

Funds for the following fellowship programs are part of the allocation pool for decentralized award decisions.

Recruitment Fellowships for Incoming Students

Diversity Fellowships for Incoming Students

Fellowship Support for Current Students

It is important that you check with the Dean's Office of your unit for procedures, stipend levels, guidelines and deadlines regarding the decentralized award decisions.

The new procedures will enable more flexibility. Deans will decide how best to allocate fellowship funds within their units, with flexibility for distributing those funds across programs and types of fellowships listed above. Deans will also have flexibility on setting stipend levels. However, note that the funds provided to the student will have to cover not only the stipend, but also any tuition assistance, medical insurance and travel award paid to the student. The Graduate School will coordinate waivers of out-of-state tuition, within limits. Funds allocated to the colleges will carry over from one fiscal year to the next.

Medical Insurance: SB-29 enables holders of major fellowships ($10,000 or more in stipend) to access the university's group medical insurance plan during the months they are on the fellowship. There is no funding provided in the bill, and state general appropriation funds cannot be used to pay the premiums, but now students at least have the option of enrolling in this superior plan.

All Graduate School Fellowship recipients will be entered into the Graduate School Online Awards System. As soon as further details are available, that information will be announced to graduate advisers and graduate coordinators and also posted on the Web.

Did You Know?

Applications for Graduate School fellowships are not accepted directly from students. ONLY Graduate Programs submit nominations.

Information for University Fellows

Department Fellowships
Students seeking fellowships should contact the graduate coordinator in their program to determine if there are college or department fellowships available.

Other UT Fellowships
There are also some additional fellowships offered within UT which may be of interest to you.

External Fellowships
Students can apply directly for external fellowships or grants.

Presenting at a conference?

Talk to your graduate adviser or coordinator about the Graduate School’s Professional Development Awards to help offset the cost of travel.

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