Microelectronics and Computer Development (MCD) Fellowships


These fellowships are prestigious awards funded by the Graduate School to attract top quality graduate students into the Computer Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments at The University of Texas (UT). Graduate advisers have the vital role of identifying and nominating applicants who qualify for these fellowships.

Note: Award decisions for these fellowships have been decentralized. It is important that you check with the Dean's Office of your unit for nomination procedures, stipend levels, guidelines and deadlines regarding these fellowships. The only recruitment award decisions being handled out of the Graduate School this year will be those for the Harrington, Powers, McNair, South Texas and West Texas Graduate Fellowships.


These fellowships are not available to students who are currently or were previously enrolled in the Graduate School at UT. However, UT undergraduates who meet the criteria are eligible. Candidates must rank within the top 10% of all students in their respective disciplines.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Stipend can vary depending on program and college.

Computer Sciences

Stipend can vary depending on program and college.

Nomination Process

Check with the Dean's office of your unit about nomination procedures. However, all nominations for Graduate School Recruitment (pre-emptive) Fellowships will need to be entered into the online Graduate School Awards System that can be accessed from EASI. Note: If you cannot find the link in EASI, you can trying linking directly to the “GCD Grad School Fellowships” page in EASI. If you are not allowed access there, you are not authorized. Contact Shannon Neuse in GIAC for graduate coordinator authorization, or Nancy Riley in the Graduate School for graduate adviser or GSC chair authorization. The nomination process is described in a tutorial for the new online awards system.


Application Deadline
The online application deadlines for nominations varies by college.


Contact Elizabeth Korves
Assistant Fellowship Manager


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