National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellowships


National Science Foundation (NSF) - Graduate Fellowships

Three-year graduate fellowships in science and engineering fields, supported by the National Science Foundation. Fellowships are intended for students in the earliest stages of their graduate study, and must have completed no more than twelve months of full time graduate study. NSF committees look for high GPA and GRE scores. Approximately 1,000 awards are made nationwide.

U. S. citizen or national. Entering graduate students with no more than twelve months of full time graduate study or the equivalent in part-time study. Disciplines in the mathematical, physical, biological, engineering, and social sciences, including the history and philosophy of science.

Application Deadline:
Dependent on proposed field of study.

$30,000 (twelve months) plus tuition and fees - renewable up to 3 years. Fellows may apply for a $1,000 Special International Research Travel Allowance.

The Graduate School
Main 101
(512) 471-4511, FAX 471-7620
NSF Graduate Fellowship Research Program
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22230

NSF - Grants for Improving Doctoral Dissertation Research

These grants are awarded for support of doctoral dissertation research in the environmental, behavioral, and social sciences, and in the studies in science, technology, and society programs, in order to improve the overall quality of research in these sciences. Grants allow doctoral candidates to conduct research in field settings away from the home campus. Awards will be made only when it is clear that the dissertation to be produced will be of the highest scientific merit. A proposal must be submitted through regular university channels by the dissertation advisor on behalf of a graduate student who is at the point of initiating dissertation research.

Only students enrolled at U.S. institutions are eligible. A proposal may be submitted while the student is completing other requirements for the doctorate.

Application Deadline:
Proposals should be submitted by UT to NSF at least six months prior to the requested start date.

Grants are intended to provide funds for items not normally available from the student's university or other sources.

Proposal Processing Unit, Room 223
National Science Foundation
Washington, DC 20550

More details on applying can be found at the NSF Web site


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