Tuition Reduction Benefit


Beginning in academic year (AY) 2013 - 2014, students employed as Teaching Assistants (TAs), Assistant Instructors (AIs) and Graduate Research Assistants (GRAs) will be eligible for a tuition reduction benefit (TRB) related to their student academic employment. The assistance amounts can vary based on the number of hours of the appointment and is paid on a semester basis.

The Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) will replace the Tuition Assistance Benefit (TAB) for TAs and AIs and tuition remission for GRAs. Whereas the TAB is a special, prepaid form of taxable compensation, TRB will be a more flexible, nontaxable benefit for students assigned in TA, AI, and GRA (depending on the grant) job codes. The differences between TAB and TRB are summarized below:

Comparisons Tuition Assistance Benefit (TAB) Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB)
Eligibility Graduate students assigned in TA or AI job codes. Graduate students assigned in TA, AI, or GRA (depending on the grant) job codes.
Funds Defined benefits from a central account automatically provided benefit by virtue of the TA or AI assignment For AY 2013-2014, all graduate students assigned to TA/AI job codes will receive standard TRB benefits from a central account. Supplements allowed. GRAs can receive benefits from grants that allow tuition payment.
Amount Fixed by Provost's Office - In fall 2011 the standard TAB was $3784 per semester, TAB was adjusted using one-time funds to $4000 for fall 2012. Flexibility - up to a student's resident tuition bill. For TAs and AIs for AY 2013-2014 (depending on the legislature) the standard TRB will likely fall back to $3784 per long semester for 20 hour appointments and $1892 for 10-19 hour appointments. This may be supplemented by local funds. For GRAs, the TRB can be up to the full resident tuition bill depending on grant funds available.
Tax Status and Payout Taxable. 75% of TAB credited against tuition bill at the beginning of the semester / remaining 25% minus taxes owed on full TAB amount paid to student after the 12th class day. Tax-exempt. 100% of TRB applied to the tuition bill. No payments mailed to students.
Processing TAB processed automatically (hard coded into system) with TA or AI assignment. A multi-student Web-based TRB document will be used to approve benefits. Workshops to be provided by the Graduate School on the new procedure.


A few things to note:

  • A student must be registered to receive the benefit.
  • If a student has other amounts that will be applied to their tuition bill, they will be applied in this order: Exemptions, Assistance (including Scholarships and Tuition Assistance) and any other remaining amounts.


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