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Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN)

Graduate Coordinator Network Meeting Minutes
January 31, 2012, SAC 2.302

Called to order by Chair Marilyn Lehman.

NAGAP:  Philip Guerrero made announcement re: NAGAP. 25th anniversary of NAGAP.
In April, here in Austin this year.
There will be volunteer opportunities for members; can attend sessions on days you volunteer.
There will be a Graduate Students Fair on that Saturday.
If anyone is good at asking for donations he can use your help!
He’ll send out emails with information regarding these items.

Phillip Salazar – Professional Development Committee
Will have an application out soon re: scholarships for NAGAP.
Currently we have an open application for ACA/APSA conference (Feb. 9) – tomorrow is deadline to apply.

OGS:  Cathy White
Assessment Project -- Says system will come down on Feb. 10th unless someone requests for it to stay up longer.
Technology Survey – Will send out soon; wants GC input on what item we need to track student progress; let her know what we have trouble doing.

Dean Rodriguez
Stepping down as Dean. Thanked everyone for assessment data; says “not farewell” it’s a “see you around.”
She introduced new Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Judith Langlois (from Psychology).
Dean Langlois officially starts tomorrow, Feb. 1st.

UT Social Media Collaborative Panel
Drew Carls: On Campus Interview Coordinator, UT School of Law
Juan Garcia: New Media Manager, Faculty Innovation Center, School of Engineering
Sally Bage: Social Media & Email Coordinator, Texas Exes – Ex-Students Association
Samantha Youngblood: Web Content Coordinator, University Communications

(JG) Social Media can assist in tracking alumni, professional progress, and other items.
Studies indicate that social media will probably overtake television as the #1 entertainment entity for people very soon.

Opened up for questions.

Why is it taking UT so long to be active with “iTunes U?”
(JG) What is “iTunes U?” – on iTunes site; provides educational data.  About 800-900 universities across the work participate.
UT signed contract last year; has been developing infrastructure.  Lots of content, has to be inputted manually.
If you’re interested in being a ‘tester’ contact him and he can forward you to correct person.

Who does content management for social media entities? What information are we meant to handle?
(SY) This challenge faced by many departments across campus.
Need to focus on your core audience (current students, prospective, alumni, etc.) Determine who you want to be your audience.

(DC) He utilizes a blog.  Things happen in ‘real time.’ It’s what is most popular.  Have a communications team (career services).
Have a LinkedIn Mentor group (private).  Has approximately 1000 members.  Helps in recruiting; student can see what alumni have done.
Do profiles.

What will make utilizing social media easier for us?  Or is it just another added responsibility for GCs?
(DC) Uses blog; if sees question come up can answer immediately and only once (vs. answering a lot of email).  Hopefully reaches more students.
(SY) Focus on one thing that will reach your audience.
(SB) Content Management – need to set goals for what you want.

Wiki page—is this a good/useful tool?
(JG) It’s a shared space where different people can add content, share docs, etc. More private than web.
(SY) Check with staff at college level (who work with college Facebook, etc.).  They know what students are using.

What is OK for us to use?  (Regarding privacy/ UT compliance) 
Helpful site.  If your department has a Facebook page, etc. let them know so they can list.

(JG) Students have a wide range of technical savvy.  Only going to keep increasing.  We need to know how to use social media to keep up with them.

(DC) Students don’t read email. Uses his blog as an ‘announcements’ page; tweets.
Sends out a week email with short announcements that reference the blog for more details.

Other Updates:
Margaret Borden – retiring.  Gwen Barton will replace her.
Signature Sheets – sends email letting us know we’ll soon receive a pink copy of signature sheet.
White copy goes to chairs/directors.
In FALL – even if no changes, needs all signatures updated.
In SPRING – no changes, no signatures needed.
Golden Rod Sheet – admissions estimate.

Michelle Broadway:
Announcement – 2011-2012 Graduate Coordinator of the Year (somebody names Marilyn Lehman????)

Amy Greenspan: Student Employee Page, now has managing student employee link
Vilma Santos: Insurance
Sent email to us and students (Jan. 20th) regarding insurance.  If students don’t have active appointment their insurance terminates today.
Have students contact Human Resource Services Center for more information.

Respectfully submitted,
Rolee Rios

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