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Graduate Coordinator Network

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Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN)

Graduate Coordinator Network Minutes
February 29, 2012, SAC 2.302

Called to order by Chair Marilyn Lehman.

I.  Registrar’s Office
Pat Ellison introduced Shelby Stanfield (Registrar) 
He introduced Registrar senior staff:
Dan Knauft (Associate Registrar)
Brenda Schumann (Associate Registrar)
Tara O’Neill  (Research/Assessment/Policy Evaluation)
Tim Tashjian (Associate Registrar)

Stanfield stated that he’d like Registrar’s office to be more a part of GCN.
Office now under Academic Affairs; this change caused a short delay for the 2011-2014 strategic plan, but it is underway.
Annual Reports:  reflection of energy/effort of previous year and indicate what to look forward to in the next year.  
Interact with other areas of campus because of range of services (catalog, course inventory, research/assessment, room scheduling, student records, registration, etc.).

Dan Knauft (Student Records and Certification)
Online Grade Change Form:  use for changing grades (changing to grades or to incompletes) 
Still use paper forms for retroactive changes (add/drops/registration)
Response from faculty has been overwhelmingly positive.
First phase:  focused on people who sign the form.  Initiator can track; if request gets rejected the initiator receives an email.
GCs- can check if grade changes.  A weekly email goes out regarding grade changes made.  (If you don’t receive as a GC it may go to someone else in office.)
Future phases will hopefully include improvement in monitoring, ability to pull up EID/Course numbers that professors use.

Veterans Information Center – located in SSB 4.472
Staffed by Ben Armstrong
Clinical psychologist will be on site (starting next semester).
Veterans have to be certified every semester based on their coursework.  Registrar sometimes contacts department if coursework by veteran actually counts in program.

Transcripts:  can be ordered online, secure email, fax request, in person.

Work with Office of Financial Services if stipulation on number of hours required for student  to receive financial aid.

NCAA Athletic Certification – mostly undergrads

Working to create a new degree audit system for graduate students.

Brenda Schumann (Registration/ Room Scheduling/Course Schedules/Catalog/Diplomas/Document Imaging)
Catalog Production –2013-2015 Grad Catalog—no more paper process

Have implemented an all electronic content management system.  Will receive notification when training systems will be offered.

2011-2014 Strategic Plan – may be done by end of March; outlines goals and objectives

Tara O’Neill  (Research/Assessment/Policy Evaluation)
Working on large study related to course availability.
3 parts: consumption, excess demand, capacity.

Tim Tashjian (Associate Registrar/IT)
Maintains systems.
EASI (work with Tim Brace), NRRECS, Registration, Degree Audits
Initiatives: Focusing on graduation rates (undergrads) and Administrative Systems Masterplan

Suggestions from members:
Hopefully catalog information can be more easily searchable.
Calendars – possible to separate graduate students and undergraduate students?
Reports – can they be constructed?  (yes, should contact Tim Tashjian)
Degree Audit – new system (web-based)

II.  Sustainability
Guest:  Jim Walker (Office of Sustainability)
UT trying to keep up with other universities.
Transition of what higher education does:  how to produce leadership and research.
Try to connect research opportunities and operative functions.
65% of undergrads say eco-related items matter in their decisions to attend a certain university.
Green Fee -- $5/semester. 
Work with staff council.
Working with undergrad school; not really working with grad school yet.

Alice Gearhart (academic initiatives)
Demonstrated sustainable directory.
Created to increase communication among UT.

III. Updates:
HR: Amy Greenspan -- Professional Development program for student employees; looking for feedback to what is appealing to grad students.  Hope to launch in fall.  Doing a pilot program in April.

GIAC:  Pat Ellison—have (essentially) finished processing applications.  30% more admits this year than last.
Reminder:  Students will see a new Bar (GIAC waiting for students to send paper transcripts).  Make sure and let incoming students know this.  They will not be able to register unless they have the paper transcripts; the Bar will not be waived.

Respectfully submitted,
Rolee Rios

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