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Graduate Coordinator Network Minutes
June 14, 2011, SAC 2.302

Called to order by Chair Marilyn Lehman.
Thanks given to outgoing Chair Robin Dusek – presentation of gift card.

Diana Lockhart  and Vasanth Srinivasa (Registrar’s Office)
Mike Smith (ESL)

Srinivasa – GI benefits
PDF booklet on Registrar web site that has good information.
For those who served after 09/10/2001 –need to have served at least 90 days (VA pays tuition and fees). Benefit must be used within 15-years of discharge date.

Students need to contact Registrar’s office to get benefit started. 
UT needs to ensure that documents are on file, evaluate previous training, evaluate coursework for the certifying semesters, and certify to the Dept of Veterans Affairs that all in order.

Veterans can apply for waiver of non-resident tuition.
Certain items are reported to VA each semester (i.e. permanent Incompletes, effect of No Credit symbol, Drops, etc.)

Veterans can’t be certified until register for classes.

Lockhart (Students Accounts Receivable)
UT does not give students money until receive money from VA, happens after certification.  Can take up to 30-days or more.

Recommend students take interest-free loans (do as a regular tuition bill, will say has interest rate, but when accounting sees paperwork and that is a VA payment will waive the interest).
Financial Aid will work with students as well.
Recommend to students that they wait until as close as possible to payment deadline to pay to see if certification is complete.  If they make payment on their own will get reimbursed.
Recommend loan over installments (service charge and have to pay upfront).

Hoping will have a Veterans Coordinator (in Dean of Students office) sometime in September.

Smith (ESL)
International Office has moved!  2222 Rio Grande (above Pluckers)
ITA – started because of legislative requirement.  Any TA or AI has to have English screened and accepted.

ESL manages this, assessment actually done with outside entity, but ESL gets info and updated the Mainframe.

Reminder, can see exemptions in GS80 in GSADM.
Even if student is exempt a department can still require student to take assessment.

Dept can request deferrals (i.e. if students arrive late and miss test dates).

Assessments are offered 5 times a year (August, November, January, April, May).  Students cannot take exam two times in row b/c not enough time to make progress.

Dept is only charged IF student takes assessment ($70). If dept not paying write “student will pay” and student needs to contact Mike Smith regarding payment.

Workshops are online now.

Sometimes students conditionally pass assessment; have to take ESL class, get credit for class but still fail final assessment.  Thus, still not certified; will have to sign up for next class.

Can exempt a student if has a MA degree from US Institution and has TOEFL score from GIAC.  It student should be exempted send Mike an email with student’s name and EID.

“J” Bar – separate from ITA.
From admissions.
When looking at TOEFL score look at verbal portion, is has a 22 or below will have a “J” Bar (fyi – 25 or below, student will probably not pass ITA).

Class – 388S “Basic Communication for Potential TA”  (means failed ITA test and needs more Englis)


Philip Guerrero – NAGAP in Austin next April; discussion regarding starting a Texas Chapter.  Information forthcoming; will be need for volunteers at conference (maybe get a one day entrance in exchange for volunteering).

GSA – will send reminder out regarding departmental student reps.

Grad School/Shannon Harris–
Fall Orientation will be 8/22 and 8/23.  Schedule and RSVP on web site.  There’s no GSS BBQ this year but are a couple of ‘food’ events with OGS.
Q Drop deadline is tomorrow (f,n,w courses) Use add/drop form to Q-drop; instructor signature not needed.
Grad status change date deadline – June 22 (no exceptions after deadline)
Advancing to Candidacy – research hrs to dissertation hrs, deadline is July 11.

GIAC – Notify GIAC if have admission applicants that were admitted but who declined so they can remove from email list.  Send student’s name, EID, and copy of their decline email to Jessica Angel in GIAC.

Amy Greenspan – will have a Student Employment Forum  first week of August; send her topics you’d like to see addressed.

HR-there’s a short window for enrollment this year b/c of legislature.  Watch for emails.

General – discussion regarding concern regarding recent GCs who’ve been let go by departments (maybe violation of handbook of operating procedures); Marilyn let all know will probably have a brown bag discussion regarding topic.

Respectfully submitted,
Rolee Rios

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