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Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN)

Graduate Coordinator Network Meeting Minutes
July 26, 2011, SAC 2.302

Called to order by Chair Marilyn Lehman.

GIAC: Philip Guerrero – everyone should be receiving meeting notices about changes to admission system (transcripts, rankings, etc.)  Respond if you cannot make so GIAC can go to your department.

OGS: Michelle Broadway.  Friday is deadline to apply for graduate degree for summer.  Last day to chance grade status is second summer session courses.
Next two weeks both Dean Kahn and Shannon Harris are out of the office.

GSA: Recently sent out an email asking for student representatives.  GSA will participate in OGS orientation.  Instead of doing a BBQ this year will do a luncheon, new students can rsvp thru OGS system.
Will be an open house for all graduate students in GSA office.  Information will be coming shortly regarding this.

Newbies:  Joanna Gilmore, new contact in Center for Teaching and Learning.  No longer offering ASPECTS.  Instead doing Teaching Scholar Seminar, deadline for students is August 1.  Currently only for AI students.

Heather Thompson (Study Abroad) 
Reminder that ISSS has moved to Rio Grande street.
New Web site – update your urls.

Travel Insurance.
Study Abroad will offer a brown bag within next couple of weeks to discuss in more detail.
Any student traveling overseas must do a process with ISSS.
Asks that GCs not distribute forms currently on Web site as it is constantly being updated.  Ask student to fill out online. 
Insurance:  Not cheap; approximately $19/week.
No opting out of insurance for students.  Even if have regular insurance or international student insurance will need to have this insurance.   Are different types of policies for different purposes.
ISR – insurance is included in application process.
Reminder, office does not accept ISR applications past the first class day.

Professor Vicki Packheiser (School of Social Work)  
Helping us combat stress and burnout through creativity.

Need to have better understanding of stress and how it impacts us
Stress in workplace can be much worse if think we are operating in isolation; good to have a community to share similar notes, etc.
Tips:  Scaling (ranking stress between 1 and 10); what small steps can you do to start reducing one level at a time.
Workplace – have something that shows the reason/purpose you do your work. Could be a quote, symbol, picture, etc.  Focus on it before start your day.

Respectfully submitted,
Rolee Rios

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