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Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN)

Graduate Coordinator Network Meeting Minutes
July 30, 2013

The meeting was brought to order by Kimberly J. Terry, Chairperson.

The Student Employment Forum will be held August 15.

Annual Enrollment ends July 31.  Remind TA’s, GRA’s, and AI’s to make their selections.

Endowment Services and Compliance is hosting a meeting on August 1 from 10 – 11:30 a.m. in POB 2.402 (201 East 24th St.) to give information regarding tuition reduction benefits, posting scholarships and changes to the Presidential Endowment Fellowships.  RSVP to

Rachel Manning reminded us that August 2 is the last day to apply for graduation.  She also announced that Julie Meyer had a baby boy (Thor) this past week.

GSA representatives are still needed.  Also, GSA representatives are willing to attend our orientations to make a brief presentation.  For more information, see

The next EC (Executive Council) meeting is planned for August 8 at 9:30 a.m. in the Jackson School, room 2.102A.

GCN and the Graduate School are hosting a Recruiting Fair on October 15.  Funds raised from this event will be used to support more Professional Development Awards for GCN members.  Volunteers are needed for the Recruiting Committee.

Thank you to the Jackson School for providing today’s refreshments.

Linda Dickens:  SACS Assessment

Linda gave an overview of what assessment is, what every assessment plan needs, and how information gained from the assessment can be used.  She suggested that we ask our Academic Deans for access to the Compliance Report and the Actions Analysis Report which they should have recently received.  Currently, out of the approximately 3900 actions taken in the latest year for which data is available, only 4% of the assessment methods led to any kind of change (university-wide).

Linda’s office (and the University) needs to see more actions leading to change.  There should be a decline in “no action needed.”  Comments in the Actions box need to indicate something that has already occurred, an improvement that has already been made.  The wording is important.  For example,
Year 1 could say, “We decided to ….” or “We made the decision to …”
Year 2 could mention what actions occurred based on the decision made the prior year
Year 3 could talk about the impact of the actions
The graduate student in Linda’s office is compiling rubrics for each of the current assessment plans.  We will be expected to do this in future years.

Linda is willing to help departments/schools/colleges with a program review if asked.

Jeffrey Moe:  Student Veterans Services and David Armstrong:  Director of Veteran Services for UT Austin

David and/or Jeffrey can assist with the following:
Enrollment/registration issues
Care at local VA healthcare facilities
Help in obtaining assistance devices such as hearing aids
Individual counseling
Referrals to Disability Services
How to work with veteran population
Consultation on veteran-specific issues

Jeffrey’s contact information is as follows:                        512.232.2677                 Twitter:  @UTAustinVAOC

David created a handout called New Graduate or Law Student Veteran Checklist that spells out what veterans need to know when trying to navigate UT.

Dian Ruud:  Counseling and Mental Health Center Services
Located on 5th floor of SSB

Services include (but are not limited to) the following:
3 board certified psychiatrists ($5 per session)
Individual counseling (usually 4 – 8 session) $5 per session
Group counseling
Telephone counseling (24/7, 365 days per year) 512.417.CALL
Mind Body Lab (relaxation training) Free, no appointment needed
Triage therapist available for crisis calls
Center has relationship with Seton to enable students who need more long-term counseling to see counselors from Seton at the Counseling Center after 5 p.m. ($25 per session)
Triage therapist available for crisis calls

More information can be found at

Due to the start of the fall semester there will be no August GCN meeting.

The next regular GCN meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 24 at 9 a.m.

Submitted by Sherry Melecki, Recorder


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