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Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN)

Graduate Coordinator Network Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2011 - SAC 2.302

Called to order by Chair Marilyn Lehman.
HR: forum on Nov. 16th; a Supervisor’s Checklist now on Web site

OGS: Gwen will contact us about 18-Characteristics; MA students need to apply to graduate/Nov. 18 deadline, PhD don’t need to call.
Doctoral workshop on Nov. 8

ISSS: New insurance advisor, last insurance audit for fall coming up – students will get warning email if not in compliance

Jane Shaughness:  University Compliance Services
New Compliance & Ethics for Supervisors CS 401 (classroom)
Intro to the Compliance  Ethics Program CW 101 (online)
Responsible Conduct for Researcher RR100 (works w/ office of Sponsored Projects)

Give her feedback on CW 101
She can come to your office to present re: how to report wrongdoing, up to date on compliance, etc.

Phillip Salazar - Professional Development Committee
Two FileMakerPro workshops coming up – Tips & Tricks

Jennifer Sims – Staff Ombuds
2-8010;   (note can’t guarantee confidentiality w/ email)
Confidential office; don’t confirm/deny that people go; independent from all other offices, departments, report directly to President’s Office; impartial/neutral – don’t advocate for person, advocate for fairness

Pat Ellison – GIAC
Update on Admissions:
Status check redesigned
More flexibility in considering applicants w/ 3-yrs bachelor’s degrees
In production – creating new field in worksheet to designate and sort by area of concentration (faculty will not be able to change applications)
Internet Explorer- if using may see some issues
Online file review – improving
Applicants can upload unofficial transcripts (can upload via Status Check)
Reminder to link your web page to instructions on OGS site
If you make a mistake contact GIAC to reset (i.e. upload wrong item/ when you upload something that option disappears from pull-down menu)
Admit Decision – wording on message will change when decision gets ‘hit’ (more detailed); will get sent to separate PO Box; direct students to Status Check for email/letter
Will have a special form that department can use if applicant can’t upload a document, forward to GIAC.
Discourage applicants sending any paper to GIAC
Creating email address so applicants know where to send info

Assessment of Graduate Programs:
She is visiting Deans of colleges; well-received so far
Using survey is optional
Send emails to former students on the placement sheet
Using VIP – some use to track endowments; can update biographical data
Nov. 9 – VIP town hall meeting
Need to get permission (from supervisor) to have access

GIAC-Reyes:  If you need to change something on your admission application it’s not too late. Contact him.

Respectfully submitted,
Rolee Rios


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