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Graduate Coordinator Network

"Providing faculty, student, and graduate program support
to achieve the university's mission."

Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN)

Graduate Coordinator Network Meeting Minutes
November 29, 2011, SAC 2.302

Called to order by Chair Marilyn Lehman.

Events Committee:  Holiday Party on Dec. 15, 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., Gregory Gym Games Room
Potluck and White Elephant, Prizes for Best Side Dish and Best Dessert

GIAC:  Have added the module for worksheets (to sort by area of interest); can change for applicants. Faculty can’t change review status.  Review sheets may take up to 12 hours to appear, will eventually be automatic.

OGS:  Short time period for certifying degrees; please approve graduate applications and encourage advisers to approve Programs of Work

INTERNATIONAL:  Dec - new student check in; Jan. 6 – orientation

New members: Suzy Graves (EC), Eileen Drake (Human Development)
PD Committee:  Brown Bag on Dec. 6, SAC 2.302, 12 noon, Best Practices – How to Keep Track of Student Progress

Erika Frahm:  Staff Council
She’s been Chair since June.
Staff Council has been around for 10-years.  Are representatives for districts.
Web site:
What’s the new normal?
If have a topic you want to bring up to governing body can talk to her or your district representative.
Looking for ways to keep staff engaged with job, university.

Met in July (reps polled districts for topics); talked about what are universal issues, report to President.
Last year, big topics: Job Security (layoffs, performance evaluations). 
Training Opportunities and Wellness Awareness are current big topics.
Sit on a policy advisory group, helps to write Handbook of Operating Procedures.

Staff Education Benefit came from Staff Council, Staff Ombudsperson, expanding certain leave policies.
Meet third Thursday of month; meetings are 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. and are open to public

Jeff Stellmach – Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
EAP has variety of services:  Stress Management, Dealing with Difficult Customers, Dealing with Crisis Situations, Lactation-Quiet Room Project.
Can do training at departments as long as there are at least five participants.

Stress Management and Relaxation Breathing/Mediation
Awareness – identify signs of stress (signs can be physical and mental)
Understand stress response (fight or flight response; we’re not designed to stay in stress response)
Practice relaxation breathing and meditation to lower stress
Physically relieving stress is often most attainable goal.

Exercise demonstration.
Is a mindfulness meditation group and university yoga group on campus.

Respectfully submitted,
Rolee Rios

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