Meet the Powers Fellows 2011-2012

Adam Crook

Adam M. Crook, Electrical and Computer Engineering:
The breakthroughs that Adam has already made through his research are enabling the enhancement of optical devices... Read more > >

Thomas Cullen

Thomas Cullen, Microbiology:
Thomas’ work in Microbiology has been devoted to understanding the threatened human immune system... Read more > >

Allison DeVan

Alison DeVan, Kinesiology and Health Education:
Allison's dissertation focused on the role of habitual exercise on protection of arteries against ischemia-reperfusion injury in humans. Read more > >

Elaine Eisenbaum

Elaine Eisenbaum, Social Work: Eisenbaum is devoting her research to improving the delivery of services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, particularly those in military families. Read more > >

Simeon Floyd

Simeon Floyd, Anthropology: Floyd specializes in Cha'palaa, a largely undocumented language of the Ecuadorian Chachi people. Read more > >

Carlton Fong

Carlton Fong, Educational Psychology:
Carlton has dedicated his doctoral studies to researching the causes of intrinsic motivation. Read more > >

David Frank

David Frank, Philosophy:
David is combining philosophy with conservation biology in order to better understand the human element of biodiversity, in hopes of affecting long-term conservation. Read more > >

David Hammers

David Hammers, Kinesiology:
His doctoral work elaborates on his master’s research by identifying the mechanism that dictates the decreased muscle recovery with those injuries. Read more > >

James Hasik

James Hasik, Public Policy:
Hasik is a doctoral student in public policy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Hasik is an expert on military-industrial policy and strategy. Read more > >

Norma A. Herrera

Norma A. Herrera, Public Affairs:
Norma is interested in domestic social and economic policies, particularly those that pertain to structural inequalities in education and employment. Read more > >

Ludmila Krivitsky

Ludmila Krivitsky, Educational Psychology - Counseling:
Her research will focus on immigration, acculturation and cross-cultural issues. Read more > >

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Jacob Maguire; American Studies:
Jacob has worked for many prominent political figures but decided his passion lay in researching, writing and teaching politics . . . Read more > >

Jacob Malcom

Jacob Malcom; Ecology, Evolution and Behavior:
Jacob's experiments research different determining factors of the population density of water fleas, a small crustacean . . . Read more > >

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Nicolette Manglos, Sociology:
Nicolette's research focuses on a sample of Ghanians who have migrated to the U.S. and their relationship with their churches. Read more > >

Dominic Morais

Dominic Morais, Kinesiology:
Doctoral student Dominic Morais is a first-semester Interdisciplinary Sports Studies student in the Kinesiology & Health Education program in the College of Education. Read more > >

Nicholas Muntean

Nicholas Muntean, Radio-Television-Film:
Nicholas asserts the undeniable role that previous technologies serve in shaping our current media.  Read more > >

Eleanor Owicki

Eleanor Owicki, Theatre and Dance:
Her dissertation focuses on the power of performance as a healing mechanism for those dealing with trauma in a troubled country. Read more > >

Julia O'Rourke

Julia O'Rourke, Mechanical Engineering:
Julia is hoping her research in sustainable design will change the world by helping engineers reduce the environmental impact of the products they are designing. Read more > >

Huaxia Rui

Huaxia Rui, Economics:
Rui's research considers the complicated process of securitization, the practice of pooling various types of debt with the goal of selling the debt to investors... Read more > >

Julia O'Rourke

Kyle Stephenson, Pschology - Clinical:
Kyle’s work with women’s health serves an area that is previously under-researched.  His innovative research is working to discover the emotional... Read more > >

Dustin Stewart

Dustin Stewart, English:
Dustin’s contributions to his field are not just creative in ambition, but are also significant to 18th century English poetry history... Read more > >

Michelle Stocker

Michelle Stocker, Geosciences:
Michelle is a vertebrate paleontologist, currently researching the diversification of a fossil’s characterization through skeletal characteristics... Read more > >

Jimmy Su

Jimmy Su, Biomedical Engineering:
Jimmy is working hard to improve the ability by which doctors can identify at risk fatty plaques and properly place coronary stents. Read more > >

Mengmeng Zhang

Mengmeng Zhang, Biochemistry:
Mengmeng is known in the Biochemistry program for her scientific maturity and steadfast ability to test hypotheses under ideal control. Read more > >


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