Kyle Stephenson


Kyle’s work with women’s health serves an area that is previously under-researched.  His innovative research is working to discover the emotional responses to sexual difficulties.  His findings will help to understand the “why” of sexual difficulties: why it causes emotional distress, “how”: how impaired response affects the individual, and “when”: when is impaired sexual response most harmful to a woman and her relationship.  These discoveries, in turn, contribute to the development of more effective treatments for women.  Impaired female sexual response is one of the most common health complaints in the U.S. and sexual satisfaction is one of the best predictors of marriage stability and overall life satisfaction.  This incongruency is significant to Kyle, and his research intends to more effectively treat sexual dysfunction in women.  Despite the rarity of a graduate student contributing to the field of sexual health, Kyle is contributing significant research to this topic through widely respected methods.  He hopes to see his work help to improve the lives of millions of individuals and their relationships. 

Kyle Stephenson

Kyle Stephenson

Psychology - Clinical


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