Ludmila Krivitsky


Ludmila Krivitsky is a Powers Fellow in the Educational Psychology - Counseling Ph.D. program in the College of Education, under the advisement of Dr. Ricardo Ainslie.

As a Powers Fellow, Ludmila will be able to devote her time to her research and to take 17 course credits, almost double the full-time load. Even though she just began the program, Ludmila’s research goals are already passionate and promising.

“My research will focus on immigration, acculturation and cross-cultural issues,” she said. She finds herself drawn to cross-cultural issues due to her personal history. At seven years old, she immigrated to the U.S. from Russia, and has always lived and worked in places that allow her to connect with people from all over the world. 

Ludmila received a bachelor’s degree in Human Development from Cornell University and has spent the past few years working on several different projects related to psychology and culture, ranging from being a first author on a book chapter related to minority-culture health promotion programs, to facilitating focus groups that focus on acculturation difficulties faced by West African immigrants.

Already, she has seen her program’s supportive environment and dedicated faculty. “My classes are very engaging, and I’m still discovering UT's great facilities - the gyms, the Student Activity Center, the media resources, etc. These things have a very real impact on quality of life,” she said.

“I chose UT over other programs because I connected to the faculty as well as the students in the program - the fit felt right,” she said. She knew that the Counseling Psychology program was perfect because of the degree’s structured freedom. “It’s a degree that offers a great deal of flexibility – the scientist-practitioner training at UT provides preparation for conducting research in various settings, teaching, and the practice of psychotherapy, among other things.”

As Ludmila continues to take advantage of all of UT’s resources and the Powers Fellowship research-minded freedom, she is sure to deliver empowering and refreshing findings about the complex field of cross-cultural characteristics, interactions, and dynamics.

Eleanor Owicki

Ludmila Krivitsky

Educational Psychology - Counseling


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