Mengmeng Zhang


Mengmeng is known in the Biochemistry program for her scientific maturity and steadfast ability to test hypotheses under ideal control.  Her well-known potential has been accepted by the science community as a result of her disciplined research that focuses on finding small molecules that can combat neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Already in her research, she has seen very valuable developments.  She is determined to, over the next few years, further develop her research through several collaborations.  Then, after finding the cellular inhibitors, they will be studied to test their ability to treat diseases. 

Mengmeng is enthusiastically supported by her department’s faculty, and her publications and presentations have already proved her research’s innovative potential. She hopes to see her research result in a better understanding of these diseases on a genetic level, bringing about new treatments. 

Mengmeng Zheng

Mengmeng Zhang



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