Making the Most of a Campus Visit


While visiting, The University of Texas at Austin campus will provide you an opportunity to explore the wealth of resources available and experiences you can gain, we recommend that you contact the Graduate Coordinator of the program you are interested in to set up a time to visit. It is most helpful to prospective graduate students to learn about their specific program of interest as, unlike the first year of the undergraduate experience, the program is where you will spend the majority of your graduate experience.

Setting Up a Campus Visit with Your Program of Interest

Visiting the academic program you are interested in provides meaningful opportunities to gain a sense of the culture of the program, and to meet faculty, students, and staff. And if you can, please build in time for a campus tour.

We recommend that you try to arrange any appointment through the Graduate Coordinator at least two weeks in advance so that your department or program is prepared to have you meet with faculty, students, and staff.

Explore the 40 acres (Self-guided and other tours of campus)

Meeting with Faculty

If you are hoping to meet with a particular faculty member, we recommend that you contact her/him directly beforehand to set up an appointment during your visit. We want you to make the most of your visit. It is our experience that pre-arranging a visit with faculty, who otherwise are involved in teaching, research, writing, and numerous committee and community commitments, is the most effective approach.

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