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How did this collaboration come about?

In summer of 2011 Jack Jones brought two of his top students to work with Josh for the summer on his thesis.  They were sponsored by The American Chemical Society’s “Project Seed” program which provides disadvantaged students the opportunity to conduct research.  After talking about the “Present your PhD thesis to a 12-year-old” outreach program it seemed like Jack’s high-school students might enjoy the presentations.

Josh Russell and Jack Jones
Josh Russell and Jack Jones, at Travis High School. Photo by Marsha Miller, UT Austin

What is the goal of your presentation series for this school year?

This year the goal is to present an overview of cell biology with a focus on neuroscience Ph.D. presentations. We are developing a 8 presentation series overview of cell biology with a focus on neuroscience Ph.D. presentations.  These will cover a broad overview of neuroscience through presenting graduate students in various neuroscience specialties. With topics ranging from the biophysics to human behavior, neuroscience graduate students are relating the key concepts of their thesis in a way which everyone can understand. Our wish is that these interactions will help in connecting the topics learned in the classroom to the active process of modern scientific discovery, and will therefore increase student engagement and performance in science.

Jack Jones


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