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How did this collaboration come about?

Peter Enyeart also runs a karate club (American Karate Do Shotokai) on campus, and in fall of 2011 a teacher at Boys and Girls Club after-school program at Bedichek Middle School approached him about teaching karate to the students. When that program ended, he approached Tommy with the idea of doing some fun science talks with the kids, and the collaboration was born. There's always a lot of energy at the Boys and Girls Club.

What is the goal of your presentation series for this school year?

We want to do as many presentations as we can, covering as many different topics as possible.  Though we've focused on biology so far, we want to expand out to other areas of science and even into the humanities.  We want to get the kids excited about the process of exploration and discovery that graduate students get to take part in, and give them a new perspective on the topics they learn in school and the origin of the information in their textbooks.  Basically, we want to have a good time talking about the subjects we love!

Thomas Rice


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