Tania Tasneem | Kealing Middle School Program


How did this collaboration come about?

In the spring of 2012, Dr. Clark joined the “Present your PhD thesis to a 12-year-old” outreach program and created a presentation based on his dissertation from 1991.┬áMany Kealing Middle School students had participated in the Freshman Research Initiative’s summer middle school outreach program called “Shadow a Scientist”. For this reason Clark felt that Kealing students would be interested in this program as well. Dr. Clark contacted his friend, Jenna Martin, who teaches at Kealing and she put him in contact with Tania Tasneem, a recent UT Master's program graduate. Tania was very excited to host the program in her marine biology class.

What is the goal of your presentation series for this school year?

This year, Dr. Clark and Ms. Tasneem are planning on doing more Ph.D. presentations for the students in her class at Kealing than they did last year. They also hope to expand these Ph.D. presentations to other classrooms at Kealing. Overall, the goal is to inspire and encourage Kealing students’ interest in science and research.

Tania Tasneem


TEACHER | Tania Tasneem


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