Angie Taylor Rubottom - Master's: Management/Finance, 1981


Most likely, I was the only female labor union officer and shuttle bus driver in the MBA program in the late nineteen seventies. Going from the picket line by Littlefield Fountain to Business Law class with Professor Jentz contributed to my future success as a manager. A view from both sides is always a more complete view.

From the moment that I drove my first shuttle bus to support me through graduate school getting my MBA, I achieved my dream of being a financially independent female. That was a relatively new thing for a girl without an inheritance in that day and age. My MBA led to a full career in utility financial and rate planning and management that secured my place in the world as an independent woman. To be able to do that while also studying something as intriguing as how the business world works, was an opportunity for which I am eternally grateful.

Also, I especially remember Lady Bird Johnson speaking at the dedication of the new MBA building. Her grace, wisdom and ability to command respect was inspiring to a young, impressionable person who was in general disappointed with the political leadership of the time.

I am still absolutely fascinated by observing and studying the making of business deals, people together seeking those win/win situations that are the essence of a good business deal, and then the resulting benefit to society as a whole. So cool! So awesome.

While I cannot say that I absolutely know about many things, I have most certainly learned a great deal and have a yearning for continued learning that I hope to have with me for life. My professors, office mates, colleagues and students are all to be thanked for that.


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