Bernardo Acebal - Master's: Finance, 1993


I could share multiple stories of great professors, excellent classmates and the overall quality and value of the McCombs MBA program, but you would miss the real lifetime benefits this 2 year period had in my life. Balance and validation….six years after completing my undergraduate degree with mediocre results and looking for a change in careers, I decided to pursue my MBA. After paying the $500 nonrefundable deposit at the University of Chicago GSB, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship from the Consortium to attend UT. One of the best decisions I ever made. Austin had a lot to do with it, the city, the school, its people, the vibe welcomed me and my wife with open arms. My life seemed to find its right balance and I was able achieve and validate my strengths as a student, a husband, a professional and a father (my wife was expecting our first daughter during my second year at UT and Kamilah was born just a few months after I completed the program). Dean’s list, learned Portuguese, found a great job in a new career in UHNW wealth management where I have had 16 years of success, great friends and memories (the Salt Lick, tubing down the Guadalupe, the outlets in San Marcos, UT football games, playing racketball with friends, lots of live music, etc , etc.)

I visited Austin this past Thanksgiving 2009 with Kamilah who is now 16, her sister Catalina 12 and my wife Zahira. We rekindled some of the great memories with a night at Antone’s, BBQ at the Salt Lick, a Margarita at the Oasis, and to maintain the balance a 10k run around Town Lake…..and thought of how thankful and fortunate we were for this great period in our lives and the rewards we continue to reap today from our days at UT Austin.

Hook ‘em Horns!!!


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