Betsy Mitchell - Master's: Kinesiology & Health Education, Sports Administration, 1991


After a fulfilling swimming career, I began my quest to give back to my many mentors by becoming a coach. After six years coaching women’s swimming at Dartmouth College, I went back to school again. Earning a certificate in Educational Administration from Harvard (and coaching rowing while there) I became an athletic director at a girls private school. We were doing a 12 million dollar athletic campus creation project to jump shift the athletic culture from “girls shouldn’t sweat” to “girls kicking butt”! After six years, I wanted a change in pace and so did some creative consulting for small colleges and high schools around team building, leadership, sportsmanship and strategic program review. One of my clients nominated me for the Director job at Allegheny four years ago and I have been enjoying the world of collegiate athletic administration since then. My main impact is in coaching coaches to work with students to maximize their potential. It is challenging work but if I keep the teaching and learning process front and center, we do just fine. The financial and facilities management piece is interesting and definitely reality, as is recruitment. A wonderful school, progressive and rigorous, I thoroughly enjoy the work of helping to provide opportunity for character and life skills education through sports.


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