Bruce Roche - Master's: Journalism, 1957


With all but thesis completed before my two years in the Army and another two years at a newspaper, I returned to Austin and The University of Texas in 1956 to complete my Master of Journalism degree. Dr. Norris G. Davis, Professor of Journalism, agreed to serve as thesis director and guided me in the selection of a topic. Professor Davis proved a patient and effective counselor as I began my historical study of the first newspaper in Dallas, The Dallas Herald, and its editor, James Wellington Latimer. The careful guidance of Dr. Davis led me in time to complete the thesis and the Master of Journalism degree in 1957.

That took me to an instructor’s position at Southwest Texas State Teachers College for nine years and, in time, to the Doctor of Philosophy degree at Southern Illinois University and to a faculty position at the University of Alabama, where I spent most of my academic career. Although others contributed, this progression traces most directly to the influence and encouragement of Norris Davis. Without his positive presence at a most significant time in my life, I would have missed the joy of working with energetic young minds during a 35-year career and sharing with them the lessons that I learned from Dr. Davis.


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