McCombs School of Business Graduates


Susumu Akatsu, Master's, Marketing, 1987

The best part of UT MBA experience was to meet incredibly talented international MBA students.  They have been good friends since we all graduated and went on to different careers in many different countries. In 1984, we started a brand-new organization called, International MBA Student Association, as there was not an association dedicated to our needs.  I was elected to be the first president.  We still keep in touch with so many of them, and I cannot think of my years at UT without my friends around the world.

Pam Higgins, Master's, Finance, 1979

We were an odd group, me, Lee A., and Pam G. There weren’t many women in the MBA program then, (I only went because Austin was too nice a place to leave in the mid 70’s and with a Plan II degree, I was sure . . . Read more

Diego Vallamizar, Master's, Marketing, 2004

Going to graduate school for my MBA after four years of professional experience allowed me to appreciate the intellectual capital and unique skills . . . Read more

Michael Selby, Master's Executive MBA Option II, 1992

The two years I spent in the Executive MBA program are the two most productive years of my life. The exposure to the professors, fellow students and the wonderful curriculum are a cherished memory. The concluding seminar in London was tremendous and has greatly influenced my thoughts on international issues. I continue to approach business challenges with tools and insights that I gained from the program. I can’t imagine that future learning opportunities will ever quite rise to the level, intensity and quality of what I had the great opportunity of experiencing.

Warren Hahn, Doctorate, MSIS, 2005

Growing up in the rural Texas Hill Country, I thought I might become the first in my family to go to college, but I must say that I never envisioned going to graduate school. After eight years . . . Read more

Angie Taylor Rubottom - Master's: Management/Finance, 1981

Most likely, I was the only female labor union officer and shuttle bus driver in the MBA program in the late nineteen seventies. Going from the picket line by Littlefield Fountain to Business Law class with Professor Jentz contributed to my future success as a manager. A view from both sides is always a more complete view. Read more . . .

Matt Murphy, Master’s, Business Administration, 2004

The McCombs School of Business’ Top 20 MBA program prepared me for professional life in an economy marked by rapid change and considerable challenges. In particular, I look fondly back on my participation in the innovative MOAMP program. It taught me leadership and management skills which have served me well in my post-MBA career.

Hardy Watford, Master’s, Finance, 1976

I applied for admittance into the UT MBA Program without taking the GRE test and with average undergraduate grades. The Addmittance Officer (a PhD student) politely pointed out that Southwest Texas was starting an MBA Program that would fit my needs. Having run a business for 3 years, I ignored his objection and calmly squeezed his hand suggesting he should help me find a way to get accepted @ UT, because that is what was going to happen. An undergraduate summer school session later with all A’s, I began my MBA Program and retired professionally on my 50th Birthday. Thank you for the memories!

Michael Frandsen, Doctorate, Management, 2003

Never would have made it without the tremendous support of Vic Arnold and Jim Fredrickson.

Susan Dawson - Master's: Management Information Systems, 1990

After receiving an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from Princeton and practicing as a consulting structural engineer, I soon figured out that if I wanted to move past engineering practice into management levels, it would be best to go ahead and get my MBA.  Read more

Terry Doyle, Master's, Finance, 1975

My MBA from Texas helped me in these ways:
1) Opened doors initially to many job, 2) Helped me gain experience to position me for 18 different jobs in 5 companies, 3)
 Gave me the knowledge to be very effective as a VP with Pennzoil/Shell over a number of years, and 4)
 Enhanced my credibility as a business person. My favorite professor was Dr. Lee Tavis in Finance. Not only did I learn a lot about finance, I also learned the value of running numbers in my head – Tavis was a pro at that and quite impressive. Over the years I have used this skill to be effective and able to estimate things quickly. Very helpful habit. By the way, Dr. Tavis went on to be a high ranking administrator with Notre Dame. UT MBA — Worth every penny!!

Katie Jozwicki, Master's, Marketing, 2007

I still remember almost a year ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31. It was the Monday of midterm’s week in my second year of business school. Read more

David Hogan, Master’s, Business Administration, 1997

As a 1997 MBA candidate in my final semester, I stepped outside of the business school to take a course in the Economics department: ECO 397 International Monetary Economics. My memories of the course are quite vivid. Once the drop period passed, the course went into overdrive and I remember thinking that I had just driven my MBA into Town Lake. I never learned so much about foreign currency and sovereign states’ forecast models (via derivative calculus) in my life. This all while my peer group was coasting through the “meet and greet” tour. Forsaking all meaningful sleep, I dug in and ultimately pulled an “A”. Thanks UT for this Longhorn memory!

Brian Carroll, Master's, Accounting, 1999

The decision to apply for (and pray for a miracle of getting in) my graduate degree on the 40 acres has made a massive impact on my life. My wife and I rolled into Austin expecting a good experience, and we left with a lifetime of experiences and friends. Not only did my degree propel me to where I am now, the friendships we made continue to this day. We were fortunate to meet several other couples in our same situation to enjoy Austin together. We now all live around the country, but have kids the same age and get together every couple of years for vacations. My kids refer to their new friends as “their Austin cousins” – such good times!

Bob Ittner, Master's, Finance, 1968

I got my MBA right after my BBA. The time period was the Vietnam crisis. After getting my MBA, I went to Naval Officer Candidate School and was in the Navy for 3 years. I would have been a better student if I had gone after the Navy! When I left the service, a lot of my MBA associates had joined Texas Commerce Bank which was headed by Ben Love and John Cater who made a huge deal about their and the bank’s connection with UT. I have always felt that it was a wonderful advantage if you wanted to be in business in the State of Texas to have gone to UT. Hook ‘em.

Anne Pouns, Master’s, Finance, 1972

Graduate school was a great experience for me. First of all, without my MBA in the early 1970s, I probably would have been limited to doing secretarial work. My MBA allowed me to get into a good training program in a large bank where I eventually became a senior vice president in the bank holding company. Second, I am grateful that UT gave me an opportunity to participate in their MBA program. At that time, I only recall about 5 females and 200 men. Thank you, UT! I not only left with an MBA and a good job, but I also met my future husband.

Daniel Laufer, Doctorate, Marketing, 2002

Back in 2001 as a PhD student at UT, I was featured in Arete. It has been almost 10 years since that profile appeared, and a lot has happened. I have continued . . . Read more

Bernardo Acebal, Master's, Finance, 1993

I could share multiple stories of great professors, excellent classmates and the overall quality and value of the McCombs MBA program, but you would miss the real lifetime benefits . . . Read more

Edward Wiedemann, Master's, Social Enterprise, 2009

Ever since I was first introduced to Cirque du Soleil in an undergraduate theater class, I knew that I wanted to work for them. Coming to UT made this possible. At the Business School, we have . . . Read more

Bette Stead, Master's, Business Management, 1961

I thought completing a UT MBA would allow me to qualify for a job in business. I was totally naïve about discrimination against women. I completed my MBA in 1961 by attending three summers and commuting from Beaumont to Austin . . . Read more

Cris de la Torre, Doctorate, Finance, 1990

One of the benefits of the UT Ph.D. program was the number of gifted fellow students with whom I had the pleasure of sharing classes. You do not realize the caliber . . . Read more

Warren Edwards, Master's, Marketing, 2003

The most important lessons from a UT MBA education are not insights into the world of business.  They are lessons about human nature.  Economics class teaches us how people decide to use limited resources.  Strategic Marketing teaches us how rapidly industries can change and innovate when people are competing for customers.  Entrepreneurship teaches us how to identify needs in the world and build realistic solutions.  Many classes teach us the value of personal integrity.  These lessons are important in the business world, but the greater value to a UT MBA education is understanding human behavior.

Ervan Zouzalik, Master's, Business Administration, 1969

Following my first tour as a Company Commander in Vietnam, the Army assigned me to the University of Texas to obtain an MBA degree in 1967. My two-year MBA education significantly enhanced . . . Read more


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