Calixto Ramirez - Doctorate: Geological Sciences - Regional Tectonics, 1980


Certainly in Mexico, having a degree from the prestigious Department of Geological Sciences (now Jackson School of Geosciences) is a great privilege. Professors like J.C. Maxwell, S.E. Clabaugh, A. Salvador, D. Smith, L. Long, W.R. Muehlberger, D.S. Barker among others, truly shaped my knowledge and taught me to be generous with colleagues and friends when sharing ideas or help.

On the human side, there are too many things to remember from my professors, the following is an example that shows the degree of closeness of graduate students and professors. During the fall of 1976 and still a new and frightened foreign student, the Mexican peso suffered a drastic devaluation and dollars were difficult to acquire in Mexico, immediately S.E. Clabaugh knew that I was in trouble and gave me an emergency loan to survive up to the end of the month.

My years at graduate school in Austin (1976-1980) have been the best for me and my family; Mary my eldest daughter attended kindergarten in Austin and grew up always remembering those days. Later on in her adult life, she became a member of UT as staff and a graduate student herself. So our family is still linked to UT; being a resident of Monterrey, makes me visit Austin every other month, and we always recall good memories of when I was raising a family and doing my graduate school. Now it is time for retirement, a little consulting job and to spoil my grandkids.


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