Christy Austin - Master's: Special Education, 2009


Christy AustinMy special education program at UT opened my eyes to the tragedy that quality of education is not equal for all children. After graduating with a master’s degree with a special focus on multicultural education, I am now employed at KIPP Aspire Academy in San Antonio, Texas. KIPP is a public, charter school that serves low-income, inner-city, educationally under-served middle schoolers. KIPP stands for “Knowledge is Power Program,” and offers a college preparatory environment to children who would not otherwise receive equal education in their home schools. KIPP is changing options for children all over the nation. Your zip code no longer determines the quality of education you receive. There is a better option. The motto at KIPP is “Word hard. Be nice.” I think KIPP does an excellent job at teaching this simple, yet crucial life lesson. It’s a lesson that many adults never fully realize or achieve, yet I teach 10 year olds to live this motto day in, day out. In addition to changing lives academically, I truly believe that KIPP is an excellent example of how to educate the whole child. I am proud to be both contributing to and learning from KIPP Aspire.

My studies in UT's special education master's degree program truly changed my life. 


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